7 Tips to beat anxiety and get a perspective !

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

1. Stop solving problems of things of future/ that haven’t happened now

Most of all the anxiety and blood mood and have roots here and fortune telling. Brooding over things that haven’t happened and trying to solve that problem of future – which cannot he solved until the moment comes.

2. Detox from self help books. You are special the way you are like everyone. You don’t need special powers to be or do things

3. Goals or small tasks add meaning to life

4. Even in Happy period like travel/ celebrations – there are episodes of pain – it’s not always fun fun even if you plan to have fun

5. Be Spontaneous, solve as problem as erupt, be present, take decisions as per present conditions.

6. Self Reflection is golden. The best way and quickest way to learn and understand the reality. Self Reflect everyday.

7. Look Forward- It is the best way to keep happiness and excitement up

Looking forward in future for something or exciting event fills your coming days with great joy. This is contrary to anxiety.

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