Urban Eco-Terrarium


Condensations in Terrarium

Condensation represents rain cycle in a terrarium. The key to a successful terrarium is condensation.


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Live Syngonium Coffee Jar Terrarium

Rs 1500

Mix Syngonium Terrarium (Large)

Rs 4000

Succulent Open Terrarium (Desk Top)

Rs 1500

Cottage Terrarium

Rs 3000

Village Terrarium

Rs 3000

Dessert Terrarium

Rs 3000

Grazing Land Terrarium (Large)

Rs 4000

Singing Kid Terrarium (Large)

Rs 4000

Ruins & Rock Terrarium (Large)

Rs 3500

Serene Terrarium (Medium)

Rs 3500

Desktop Companion Terrarium

Rs 900

Dessert Tortoise Terrarium

Rs 2500

We Accept

Can’t find one to your needs ?

We do provide CUSTOM MADE Terrariums.

You can also choose to modify the above existing terrariums as per your needs.

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