• Skecthnote Summary: Essentialism

    Greg Mckeown is the author of the Book Essentialism. I happened to read this book in the 2020s just before Covid times. It was when I was journeying my life through the concept of MINIMALISM that this spoke stuck me. The inspiration was not only to reduce physical things but also to reduce to-dos from life and focus on bare minimal so called as Essentials. This is the book about the same. All its a 220+ page book – the core concept seems to have been expanded enough. I had this sketchnote made that summarises the book concept.

    The book main primer is : To cut all non essential stuffs from your life by using the 90% Rule. Identify what slow you down and eliminate it. Become an editor of your life. Less is More. Differentiate between I have to versus I choose to. Say No to non-essential tasks.

    The 4 main points of the book are :

    1. Do Less, but do it better
    2. Reject the notion: We need to do everything
    3. Constantly question and update plans
    4. Putting changes in place.

    From the pool of Trivial pull the vital. Give yourself space to escape and see the Bigger Picture of Life. Small wins leads to Big Victory.

    This is just a short snippet of the entire book.

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  • Living Life Spontaneously

    Living Life Spontaneously

    All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.

    Henry Miller

    The Word Spontaneous means performing or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus. It also means having an open, natural, and uninhibited manner.

    Whenever we happen to surf on productivity on the internet we stumble upon the two commonest things – SCHEDULING and TO DO Lists. The world of productivity is full of making schedules and making lists especially the so called To do List. Then there happens to be different lists – Someday / May be, Errands List, Daily, Weekly and Monthly To do Lists. There are multiple apps for the same and analogs methods also like Strike Thru, Bullet Journalling, List Journalling, etc.

    Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

    We have often stumbled upon stuff like where there is Micro scheduling of every 5 min as done by CEO’s of great companies like Elon Musk. And then when we follow this tactics we pursue it for few days to weeks to finally months – until in the end we just give up. This is why most of us start all full fledged with Bullet Journal and then eventually give it up. This is common phenomenon of what is known as Productivity Porn. It means over analysing things and planning without actually getting stuff done.

    We spend hours planning our weeks and months only to find that when time comes to do the real thing – we just don’t have the desire to do it or feel like not doing it. Its like –

    Man Proposes, God Disposes

    Edwin Landseer

    Its like you decide the life of your future self by the present conditions and when the every own future self tends to be the preset self – personal energy levels may have changed, desires may have changed and even circumstances may have changed and that something which was planned days back might not have the same relevance at this moment. So, ultimately we end up wasting time planning and finally we build double guilt over the fact that we haven’t stuck to our schedules or personal commitments.

    Schedules might be absolutely unpredictable when you have a life that’s full off ups and downs. In my opinion, scheduling is only perfect when you have two or more people to meet up and discuss something. For self alone, scheduling can and should only be done grossly or even better not done.

    To do’s List do give you sense of things to do. But again you become mechanical machine just checking things off your list. Is that the only purpose of life ? Checking things off lists ? It is often counteracted with things like it acts as dump and empties your brain – true ! But what about the divine realisation that you have so much on your list to get done – and can add to your list of anxieties and guilts when you have loads of untouched and unfinished tasks.

    Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

    Try Living Spontaneously for a day – choose a Sunday or a weekend. It’s good to have a guide post of what you want to do. But let the mood, inner instinct decide what you actually want to do. just make sure – you are doing something productive – and that’s it. Even if it is non – productivity put it in category of entertaining self. At the end – see how much you have done – you will be amazed, free of any guilt of left overs or worries about future not done tasks. And above all a happy satisfied state of mind.

    Say, its a Sunday morning – I wake up – no plans and schedule. I have my coffee, read newspaper then I see my nails have overgrown – ok lets cut the nails. As I throw my cut nails in the bin I happen to stumble over my plants and see that the soil is dry. Let’s water the plants. Once I water the plants – I see few pots are broken. Ok, Let’s replace the pots. Once I am done I wash my hands. Oh it’s 11 am. On a conventional day – you would actually struggle to get from 8 am to 11 pm and also waste time over writing lists and scheduling – not to mention tasks that desire attention.

    Let your instincts guide you to what needs to be done and have a larger picture of what you desire to get done and way will be made. The next action is often guided by your instincts based on feedback of current work. Its’ like Chain Smoking. One event triggers the next one. Same goes with work – start with what you want – even if its small – and then let the instincts take over and chain smoke your projects.You will be amazed as how much you attain at the end of the day and how fully you have lived life.

  • The Psychic Tarot – Book Review

    The Psychic Tarot – Book Review

    A book that I happened to read may be 3-4 years back – but the review was due since long – read the book – prepared the review but never posted. It is almost after 3-4 years I am posting the review.

    Link to my other site – that mainly focusses on Divination including Tarot.

  • March 2023 Tarot Reading

    March 2023 Tarot Reading

    The readings are live on my other website – make sure you don’t miss them. The Knight of Swords brings in the message of more wisdom and clarity in your thought process.

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    Fear starting conversation with strangers ? This video is filled with short tips on how you can beat your inner fear and get started to converse and connect with other person in a matter of minutes.

  • Feb 2023 Tarot Reading

    Feb 2023 Tarot Reading
  • 4 Simple Steps to get anything you want in your Life

    Unique self help video on getting anything in life. The video outline 4 steps to practice and gain anything you want in Life. It is partly based on the concept of the bestseller Rhonda Byrne’s SECRET and the Law of Attraction. Watch the video till end… You dont want to miss anything. This Video is based on a concept from a Book “Excuse me your Life is Waiting…” By Lynn Grabhorn This is an animated video on how to get anything you want in life.

  • How to make a Terrarium in 10 Minutes ?

    How to make a Terrarium in 10 Minutes ?

    Take a look at a Reel on how a Terrarium can be built in less than 10 minutes from daily items.

    Reel from Instagram : Urban EcoTerrarium

    A Simple Aquatic plant is used from local aquarium store is used. The Soil used is Aqua Soil which is in the form of Black beads and contains all the nutrients and is perfect for Aquatic Plants. They are basically used in aquarium where aquatic plants are placed. Most common aquatic plants used in Terrarium is ANUBIAS.

    The Terrarium is highly humid so is perfect for Anubias to grow. This kind of terrarium housing aquatic plants are not constrain of limited watering which is an important aspect in building normal terrariums. A little more water cannot damage the terrarium as Aquatic plants anyways live in water.

  • Word of the Year 

    Word of the Year 

    Live your life by a compass not a clock

    By Stephen Covie

    A word of the year is like a compass of your purpose or goal for that year. It’s like setting a theme. You have a Halloween theme party and we all dress up to it, decorate the place and live it. Word of the year is like the same theme you set for a year. It gives you a sense of purpose making it easy to align all your actions towards that direction. 

    For example, If you happen to set the word of the year – “Growth” that means you should choose all your activities for that year that directs you towards your growth. 

    Some examples of word of the year can be – Growth, Art, Creativity, Astrology, etc. 

    Pick up one word that you want to focus on for that year. It could be anything a noun or adjective. Avoid choosing ambiguous words like Courage or Hard work as they lead you no where. Unless your goal is to overcome fear for that year – take all the courageous action then the word of Courage suits. 

    For the past 4 years – this concept hit me and I have been consistently stuck to it. 

    2022 – Creativity 

    This year my word was Creativity. All my actions for that year were aligned to it. I developed my skills in Art, Craft, Decoupage, Painting, Sketching. Started with Creative Rouge Instagram Handle. This year also gave rise to birth of Urban Eco-Terrarium.

    2021 – Learning 

    The year 2021 – central focus was learning with lots and lots of growth and this lead to many enrolment in online courses from Udemy, Skillshare and LinkedIn that lead to improvements in every field. All my activities were directed such that it led to learning new stuff. 

    2020 – Divination 

    As Covid developed – there was ample time and I eventually found out that the word for this year has to be DIVINATION with lots of uncertainty in life. The seeds of learning about Divination were sown in the previous year word Growth. As the word for the year 2020 became clear all my work led to growth and development of Divination Geek

    2019 – Growth 

    This year the focus was on growth- again an ambiguous word but still fits in. All my decisions and actions were all directed such that they lead to growth in some form or the other. I could venture new areas and improve my condition with this word for the year. 

    It’s not necessary that word of the year needs to be chosen at the beginning of the year only. Sometimes it can be revealed to you mid year also. But make sure that you at least pick a word for a year and then align your actions accordingly and see the difference.


    Words have Power

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