December 2022 Tarot Reading

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If you happen to stumble over here this reading is just for you !

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The card of the month is: KING OF CUPS

Chris Anne’s The Light Seer Tarot

The card for this month comes to be THE KING OF CUPS. Cups in Tarot represents emotions. And King as we all know is the symbolic epitome of the highest or the supreme in the mortals. So, the king of cups represents the highest experience of self in terms of emotions.

For some of you December may bring you lasting memories emotionally – positively or negatively. This month may have deep emotional connection ti all events or all that happens. Consider it as a month of memory that you will always remember. Like the Golden days you often remember.

Travel and vacations are on the cards as you wrap up the year 2022. A short or long trip is…

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