The Creative License – Book Review

By Danny Gregory

The Creative License by Danny Gregory is one of the most popular book among the artists. Many ordinary people have picked up drawing and sketching after getting inspired from this book.

A 198 Page book is filled with handwritten caps along with many many illustrations. It’s an illustrated journal that talks about creativity and tells you that each one of us has a creative licence to be creative in every field.

The book focuses on Making Things to be creative. Although it’s generalised for developing creativity it’s centre focus is about learning to draw. Be mindful that the book doesn’t teach you anything much on how to draw. It’s more of like general things to get you on creative pathway.

If you are an aspiring artist, seeking to learn to draw this may not be the book for you. Rather if you are looking for some inspiration to create illustrated journals this is the book to pick. It’s not a how to book.

Danny starts with simple concept of being creative is to make things. He then focuses on keeping an illustrated journal and gives few tips on how to get started with drawing. He then builds it on how to use drawing for journaling your daily moments. He then advises to try different pathways and following a path that is unusual to boost creativity in his chapter on SHOCK. This is followed by a chapter on SENSITIZATION where he asks to be present to our inner feelings and small things in life. He then advices once you are on your creative pathway RESISTANCE and criticism is likely to beat you up. In the next of chapter of JUDGEMENT he talks about importance of mistakes and why you need them. In the following chapter on IDENTITY he focuses on who you are and why it’s ok to be fine with it. In the subsequent chapter of EXPANDING he brings concepts on taking creativity to the next level – inspiring stories of well known people and artists.

The book is like more of memoir, art and illustrated journal for inspiration rather than how to learn. The book in India has a cost of Rs 1100 which is expensive to a certain extent in exchange of the content you get. Not to mention this book is one of the best seller or rather popular book in most parts of the world especially among artists.

The book somewhere lacks in providing concrete steps to develop drawing skills or creativity. If you have read lots of self help books and have general concepts of philosophies it may not add much value. It does contain few inspirations to kick start your creativity but it’s not something that can make you kick start your creative journey just by reading it- it lacks the push of inspiration. If you are the one interested in art, like illustrated journals this is a book for you. But if you are getting the book to learn drawing – this might be just 10-20 % helpful.


DISCLAIMER: This views are my personal opinion and may be biased. I own the right to express my opinions on the review of the book as I have paid for the book in terms of my time and money.

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DOS: 4 May 2023 (Thu)
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