EveryDay Matters – A Memoir (Book Review)

Author: Danny Gregory

This Illustrated Art Journal is more of memoir and an Art Journal By Danny Gregory. The Book is a very light read of 120 pages and is filled with sketches that can surely inspire you to draw more. It starts with a rather sad but true story of Danny and how his life altered with a family accident and what pushed him into drawing.

The journey is reflected in the book in a short fashion on how he went on drawing things of daily life from his house – until he had drawn everything in his house. After that how he started moving out and then captured life scenes and memories in his journal.

This is a book that does not give you “HOW TO DRAW OR HOW TO SKETCH.” But, it inspires you to start drawing all small things, see more and record your life. The book does not have any particular sequence or topic of discussion but may seem to be collection of random insights. This is an INSPIRATIONAL ART BOOK. You can also start to redraw the sketches in the book as a practice to improve your drawing. The point is to capture the essence.

This book is available in India on Amazon. The price is quite costly ranging in 1000-1200 Rs. But, I happened to get it on sale at 799 Rs. But considering the thickness and matter in the book – the book seems to be quite expensive for Indian readers. If Sketches and inspiration is what you are looking for than this is the book. At the end it will surely inspire you to understand the fact that you don’t need prompts or topics to draw something – but can draw everyday from everyday life and create a record or a memoir in your very own sketchbook art journal. If you are fan of art journals or keeping an illustrated journal this may be a book to read and keep for inspiration.

Personal Reading Stats:

Date of Start: 30 Apr 2023

Date of Completion: 4 May 2023

Days Taken: 5 Days

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