The Rudest Book Ever : Book Review

Author: Shwetabh Gangwar
Publisher: Juggernaut Books

This book is a book about life in general and self. The title says it’s rudest book and gives you some harsh lessons about life. In my opinion, the self help concepts in the book are already what is known to us. However, some new concepts described by the author are quite new and innovative and therefore helpful.

One of the most inspiring topic is YOU ARE A NATION. It is based on psychological topic of self distancing. It asks you to consider yourself a nation, develop a constitution and you are the leader of the nation. Set up policies and concepts and this helps you understand you better pushing forward the growth you need in life objectively.

The other important takeaways unique in nature is the concept of Happiness, Satisfaction and Peacefulness. Happiness is additions to life like adding and buying things or adding status to life. Satisfaction is subtraction. Letting things go that are not serving you and being content. Peacefulness is neither addition nor subtraction but is acceptance of the situation. This was another unique concept from the book.

Apart from this, the valuable Takeaway are as listed below.

  1. Consider yourself as a product.
  2. You are not special
  3. You are a nation
  4. We really know ourselves and are confined to the superficial layer of understanding.
  5. Happiness is addition. Satisfaction is subtraction and letting go. And peacefulness is acceptance.
  6. Rejections are normal. And you should not depend on others for self approval.
  7. There are three worlds – the outside world ,the inside world and the nature that define your reality.
  8. Know your heroes – admire them, but don’t follow them. Don’t give them power to control you or provide you the approval.
  9. Think critical. Don’t accept every thing what is said as true. Consider information you have or receive as packets. We all have packets about every thing that we put in our memory bank. Based on information we have heard or received we form this packets or beliefs but never verify the truth of it. Therefore, every thing must not be considered as true on the face value and the concept of critical thinking should be applied.
  10. Be humble. Any subject is like a forest where your understanding is just like a small plant or weed. But the whole jungle is full of trees of concepts and understand that you know very little of the whole.

Overall, the book is a collection of many small concepts about self and life. There is no particular central theme that unites the whole book, but each chapter is unique in its own sense. So, you can read the book in no particular order. The book is titled as the rudest book with the aim that the book brings in some harsh realities and truth of life but in my opinion, the book is not that rude, but contains few concepts that are worth reading and implementing. Like said – ALL IS NOT GOLD – But the book does contain few gems to give it a read.

Personal Stats:

Date of Start (for reading): 14 Mar 2023

Date of Completion: 02 Apr 2023

Days Taken: 19 Days

My Ratings: 3/5

Disclaimer: No Financial Attachments. The Options and thoughts are personal view points and may vary or be biased.

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