Sketchnote Summary: Minimalism

A short summary of the book Minimalism written by the Minimalists.

Sketchnote by Rujit

I was greatly inspired by the concept of Minimalism back in 2020s. But the tenants of the this concepts are still with me even today. I do not consider myself Minimalist nor a maximalist – but love to be in a sweet spot as per Goldilocks’s Theory.

The book is written by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. There is also a movie on Netflix by the same name. The movie is more interesting to watch.

The concept of Minimalism I often apply in designing things keeping it minimal and intuitive. When you feel overwhelmed it’s time to bring in minimalism. My personal organisation of space is also touched by Minimalism. There is one more book relating to life and tasks you may want to check out its Sketchnote: Essentialism.

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