5 Simple Ways to Learn Something Quickly

Here are 5 simple ways to improve your understanding of the subject and help you learn stuff quickly.


As you read and learn, try categorising information. It is the key. Establishing hierarchy helps you learn quickly and identify the structure. Start organising your data as categories. This is will also help in indexing that is your brain can find information quickly and will act as Memory. This will also make each concept unique and thereby help understanding by grouping and segregating different concepts.

Connect with Large picture

Always try to link the smaller details you are learning to the larger picture. That will help you make understand, give meaning and make concept clearer. For example in medical if you are learning about Facial Nerve of Face – try linking with its higher branch Trigeminal Branch.


To best understand try teaching in the simplest language. Look for gaps and see where your understanding is not clear. Re-read. This is based on Feynman Technique of Leaning

Compare and contrast

Try comparing and contrasting the new concepts – this makes each concept unique, gives it identity and therefore helps learning deeper and easy categorisation.

Synthesise and Summarise

Try to form a high level condensed single statements as core concepts in your own words. This may be like : Take away points or summary in your own words of your synthesis of your understanding.

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