Skecthnote Summary: Essentialism

Greg Mckeown is the author of the Book Essentialism. I happened to read this book in the 2020s just before Covid times. It was when I was journeying my life through the concept of MINIMALISM that this spoke stuck me. The inspiration was not only to reduce physical things but also to reduce to-dos from life and focus on bare minimal so called as Essentials. This is the book about the same. All its a 220+ page book – the core concept seems to have been expanded enough. I had this sketchnote made that summarises the book concept.

The book main primer is : To cut all non essential stuffs from your life by using the 90% Rule. Identify what slow you down and eliminate it. Become an editor of your life. Less is More. Differentiate between I have to versus I choose to. Say No to non-essential tasks.

The 4 main points of the book are :

  1. Do Less, but do it better
  2. Reject the notion: We need to do everything
  3. Constantly question and update plans
  4. Putting changes in place.

From the pool of Trivial pull the vital. Give yourself space to escape and see the Bigger Picture of Life. Small wins leads to Big Victory.

This is just a short snippet of the entire book.

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