How to make a Terrarium in 10 Minutes ?

Take a look at a Reel on how a Terrarium can be built in less than 10 minutes from daily items.

Reel from Instagram : Urban EcoTerrarium

A Simple Aquatic plant is used from local aquarium store is used. The Soil used is Aqua Soil which is in the form of Black beads and contains all the nutrients and is perfect for Aquatic Plants. They are basically used in aquarium where aquatic plants are placed. Most common aquatic plants used in Terrarium is ANUBIAS.

The Terrarium is highly humid so is perfect for Anubias to grow. This kind of terrarium housing aquatic plants are not constrain of limited watering which is an important aspect in building normal terrariums. A little more water cannot damage the terrarium as Aquatic plants anyways live in water.

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