Word of the Year 

Live your life by a compass not a clock

By Stephen Covie

A word of the year is like a compass of your purpose or goal for that year. It’s like setting a theme. You have a Halloween theme party and we all dress up to it, decorate the place and live it. Word of the year is like the same theme you set for a year. It gives you a sense of purpose making it easy to align all your actions towards that direction. 

For example, If you happen to set the word of the year – “Growth” that means you should choose all your activities for that year that directs you towards your growth. 

Some examples of word of the year can be – Growth, Art, Creativity, Astrology, etc. 

Pick up one word that you want to focus on for that year. It could be anything a noun or adjective. Avoid choosing ambiguous words like Courage or Hard work as they lead you no where. Unless your goal is to overcome fear for that year – take all the courageous action then the word of Courage suits. 

For the past 4 years – this concept hit me and I have been consistently stuck to it. 

2022 – Creativity 

This year my word was Creativity. All my actions for that year were aligned to it. I developed my skills in Art, Craft, Decoupage, Painting, Sketching. Started with Creative Rouge Instagram Handle. This year also gave rise to birth of Urban Eco-Terrarium.

2021 – Learning 

The year 2021 – central focus was learning with lots and lots of growth and this lead to many enrolment in online courses from Udemy, Skillshare and LinkedIn that lead to improvements in every field. All my activities were directed such that it led to learning new stuff. 

2020 – Divination 

As Covid developed – there was ample time and I eventually found out that the word for this year has to be DIVINATION with lots of uncertainty in life. The seeds of learning about Divination were sown in the previous year word Growth. As the word for the year 2020 became clear all my work led to growth and development of Divination Geek

2019 – Growth 

This year the focus was on growth- again an ambiguous word but still fits in. All my decisions and actions were all directed such that they lead to growth in some form or the other. I could venture new areas and improve my condition with this word for the year. 

It’s not necessary that word of the year needs to be chosen at the beginning of the year only. Sometimes it can be revealed to you mid year also. But make sure that you at least pick a word for a year and then align your actions accordingly and see the difference.


Words have Power

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