9 Books I Left incomplete in the Year 2022

It’s not always a mental rule to finish the book that you pick. If you happen to do like that or think like that – then reading will be something you grudge or dislike and all together will prevent you from picking any books in fear of not completing it.

Its OK to Not complete a book and leave it

The Key is to love reading and if a book bores you just leave it.

Here’s my list of 9 Books in the year 2022 – that I just had to give up. Not that the books were boring and dry. But I just couldn’t read it anymore or were a dread to me – So, I DROPPED and MOVED ON To the NEXT wonderful Book.

  1. Sapiens (Jan 2022) 
    • Too Long: The Book just became be a drag for me which way too much scientific Jargon.
    • Not my Taste: I prefer Self Help Genre – This became an History Book for me.
    • Finally, I gave up half way
  2. High Five Habit (Jan 2022) 
    • I have been a hard core fan of Mel Robbins
    • Her Book 5 Second Rule – was a game changer for me
    • This Book was all about giving self a High Five in the mirror – felt one line concept was repeated to pull a whole book out if
    • I left it ! Not my taste !
  3. Everything is Figureoutable ( Marie Forleo ) (Feb 2022) 
    • This is a fabulous book. If you get a hands on it – Feel free to pick up and give it a try.
    • It helped me ease my anxiety a lot and gave me an assurance I’ll be ok as I will be able to figure out
    • The concept is amazing but again the same thing is repeated through out the book and it became a drag.
  4. 4000 weeks Book by Oliver Burkeman ( Feb 2022 ) 
    • Beautiful book on time management – has a deep ingrained concept of time
    • But felt way too much philosophy than practical steps to apply – so couldn’t pull on – plus the book was lengthy.
  5. The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman ( March 2022 ) 
    • Just couldn’t stick to it ! The concept got me bored.
  6. Peak (Apr 2022) 
    • Fantastic book and a best seller
    • Focus on Deliberate Practice to improve your skills
    • But I lost the steam too early and gave up as way too many long examples than actually concepts descriptions.
  7. Drawing on right side of brain By Betty Edwards (Jun 2022) 
    • This is also a best seller. In fact its one book that you can’t miss out if you are into drawing
    • I felt it boring – But I will repick the book in the year 2023 – fingers crossed.
  8. The Artist’s Journey – Steven Pressfield
    • A very short read
    • The reason for leaving this book is because a year back I had already scanned the book in soft copy.
    • So, this year when I picked it up it just did not resonate to my current learning.
    • But not a book to missed out – it compares a hero vs artist
    • Its surely back on my list to read.
  9. The Courage to be Happy By Ichiro Kishimi
This Books did not amuse me (Illustration: Creative Rouge)

Note that this are not book reviews but my internal feelings about how I have felt when reading them. The Books are awesome in their taste. But may be not just for me.

What are your list of books you dislike ?

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