8 Reasons to keep a Terrarium

( 1 ) Bring Nature Indoors

As we live in cramped urban areas – nature is some distant place from our own house. A terrarium is a best way to bring nature home. Its not just the plant but the entire eco-system that houses the plants, insects and its very own rain cycles

( 2 ) Creative and Engaging

Creating a terrarium can be quite engaging and can bring you deep relaxation It can serve as a creative outlet. You are the creator of this small world and so you do get to play God mode when you build your very own terrarium.er

( 3 ) Saves Water

Take a step towards your efforts in saving water as a part of nature conservation. Terrariums have their own rain cycles so you don’t need to water them unlike garden plants every now and then. Water once and that’s it – the rest is taken care by your terrarium rain cycles

( 4 ) Low Footprint

As a part of conservation, terrarium have a very low carbon foot print. You can build up your very own terrarium from recycled materials. Plus it takes very less space. 

( 5 ) Low Maintenance

Build it once, water it once and you are done. There is no need to water every now and then. A maintenance if at all required can be a 3 or 6 monthly or even a yearly basis depending on the condition of your terrarium. 

( 6 ) Low Cost 

Well, you just need a glass jar commonly found in our household and few plants and a little soil. You can build your terrarium from easily available materials. 

( 7 ) Photography and Sketching 

For too of you who love art, photography – a terrarium can provide you with artistic scenery to capture in your photos and art work 

( 8 ) Therapeutic Effect

Because building a terrarium is so engaging it can provide the calmness and mindfulness needed in this fats life. Watching a terrarium can also provide the inner calmness and peace that you experience when you are very close to or in nature itself. 

So, still thinking on building or getting one… Build your very own terrarium today !

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