Urban Eco – Terrarium : General Terms and Conditions

General Terms

  1. Your payment is 100% safe with us.
  2. Once the order is placed and payment is made – be rest assured you will get the product.
  3. Custom Made Orders require atleast 7 Working days for processing
  4. Bulk orders take time to make – and therefore cannot be delivered spot on. Please connect with us for time frame.
  5. Store (Physical) is open only on Sunday ( 9 am to 12 pm). It is preferable that you hand pick the terrarium by visiting the store so you have variety, best prices and damage free delivery.

Delivery Policy

  1. Delivery charges are as applicable based on your location.
  2. Delivery by hand is FREE in areas of South Mumbai up till Dadar. Deliveries will be made ONLY ON SUNDAY.
  3. Incase you visit to the store – there are no delivery charges applicable. You can connect with us on when you will be visiting the store for weekdays. Or you can come directly at the store on Sunday between 9 am to 12 pm.
  4. We deliver only in Mumbai and Pune. For other locations – please reach out to us.
  5. For Delivery via courier – Packing charges (additional) will be applicable. Packing charges include securing your terrarium for safe delivery.

Refund Policy

  1. There is no refund if your live plant dies once the product is delivered.
  2. In case jar / glass cracks or get damaged during courier – send us a photo of your broken terrarium – 50% Refund will be applicable depending on the extent of damage.
  3. Order once placed will not be cancelled – there is no refund for the same.

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