FAQs – Urban Eco Terrarium

Which Terrarium should I Prefer – One with Live Plants or Artificial one ?

Artificial Terrarium are go to if you want it as Home decor or for gifting. If you are considering terrarium just for personal interest go for live one.

Why should I buy an Artificial Terrarium ?

  • They are long lasting – perhaps it will be your companion for a life time
  • Artificial plants used are so real – it is difficult to identify if it is real or artificial 
  • Artificial Terrariums require ZERO Maintenance
  • Live plant terrariums die quickly if not taken care of.
  • Live plants terrarium create a fog and water of condensation in terrarium resulting in poor visibility. 
  • Live Plant Terrarium over a period of time – can accumulate fungal growth or algae. Plants may overgrow ruining the beauty of your terrarium when you bought it.
  • One plant dies – there may be a putrid bad odour in your terrarium

I want to Gift a Terrarium – which one should I Natural or Artificial ?

  • Always – Artificial Terrarium
  • You don’t want an embarrassment of gifting someone a live terrarium – only to find out that after few days the plants died and terrarium was a mess. Not everyone is garden friendly person. Save the embarrassment.
  • They are perfect for Home decor – and can retain their beauty as they are.

What are some advantages of Live Terrarium ?

They are perfect if you want for personal use and not as home decor item. If you are interested in live plants, gardening – understanding how earth works – rain cycles work – this is the item to purchase.

  • Live terrariums have their own rain cycles – no need to water them
  • Sometimes there may be fog in your terrarium
  • Plants regenerate their own carbon dioxide and oxygen maintaining the eco system.
  • Some plants thrive really well in terrarium and grow at a fast pace.

When is your store open to check out terrariums ?

You can visit us on Sunday between 9 am to 12 pm. We are not a store as such but a home grown, passion driven place. We are located in South Mumbai – reach out to us in CONTACT for address and details.

How do I care for my Terrarium ?

Artificial plants need no care – except occasional dust cleaning on jars

Live Terrarium care

  1. Do not keep in direct sun light
  2. Water atleast 2-3 ml with a syringe every 6 months only if you find that there are no condensation drops on your inner wall of jar
  3. Trim the plants if they overgrow after 6 months
  4. Occasional opening of lid can be done on a quarterly basis to let fresh air in and improve terrarium life.
  5. Do not keep terrarium in dark areas – bright indirect light is preferable.
  6. If your terrarium dies – discard the contents and recycle !
  7. You may want to add Live beings – called Springtails in your terrarium that eats aways algae and fungus.

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