Start ! – The most important Thing

STARTING is the most important thing.

If we don’t start we never can realise the truth potential of what can come and grow. It is often at the starting stage that most things fail. When you start – new energy takes on. New things, new enthusiasm drives the push you need to beat your old nagging thoughts and fear. Fear is the biggest opposition or a form of Resistance that can actually prevent you.

Like the real word – example for this site : What should be the first blog ? Well its not the first one for me – but still we have questions or self – doubts. What to write ? Will it be liked ? Oh No – This is utter nonsense – this won’t work. Remember the little voice from the past ? You failed in the past – so what ?

Just start !Don’t worry about the quality or how it turns out. Once you start the juices of creativity start flowing in. The Muses bless you – for more creative ideas. You have that energy and inspiration but only when you sit down and start doing – things get in flow and energy of momentum starts building.

So, What are you waiting for ? Oh ! You are not creative ! But do you know :

When we create something – we are creative !


You want be come a writer – Write !

You want to become a singer – Sing !

You want to become a artist – Draw !

You want be a dancer – Dance !

So, what are you waiting for ?

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